Making the aerostat

    How to make an aerostat

    Phase 1

    On the floor we put 8 piece of paper (50X70 cm) like left diagram and we join them with home made glue (this glue is made with flour and water) which makes a rectangle like the diagram on the right.

    We repeat this step until we have 2 pieces that are rectangular which we join until we make a cylinder opening on both sides.

    Phase 2

    We cut with scissors, one side of the cylinder until the top of the aerostat get more aerodynamic form, and we glue it with the flour glue, until we close it, without no air on one side.

    So that is open down the bottom we sow with a string the hoop (a thin sliced cane 1 cm width).

    Phase 3

    The making of the hoop and "colimara"

    arost.gif (66683 bytes)

    Additional information available upon request.